FESTIVAL 2024 – An invitation to the creative sector in Medway.


FESTIVAL 2024 – An invitation to the creative sector in Medway.

Creative Medway is delighted to be a lead partner for Festival 2024, Medway’s year-long programme of cultural events and activity next year.  The festival is our Cultural Strategy in action, it is being created for, with and by Medway communities to showcase our rich history, creativity and ambition!

Our starting point for the programme is the 40th anniversary of Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust and the cultural regeneration of the Dockyard site as well as the 40th anniversary of Medway African and Caribbean Association.

It’s about inviting people to take part in creative activity right where they live across Medway’s town and villages, attracting visitors to boost our cultural tourism economy and building Medway’s national cultural reputation.

A Creative Programme Working Group led by Creative Medway is shaping the programme with the sector.  We already have a new largescale cultural volunteering programme launching, as well as participatory opportunities for young people interested in creative careers.  There are events planned across the Hoo Peninsula, our highstreets and on the river.

The rest is down to you!  Your performances, exhibitions, workshops, community events, radio shows, foodie events and publications planned for next year will all shape the programme!

Is there a theme?

There’s not a single theme but we are keen that the creative programme responds to Medway’s history, identity and our future aspirations.  

The 40th anniversary of the repurposing of the Dockyard is a great starting point to showcase the spirit and diversity of Medway’s communities, our technical and creative innovation, as well as our history, geography and personality!

Is there a budget?

There isn’t a central budget, programme makers will be responsible for securing their own funding and delivering their own activity.  However, all activities that form part of the programme will receive marketing and press support.  

Creative Medway will be announcing opportunities to get support with securing funding over the coming months, starting with an advice and skills-development  workshop with Arts Council next month.  Sign up to our newsletter and social media to hear about future opportunities.

How can I get involved?

This is an open invitation to Medway’s cultural communities and our whole creative sector to submit work as part of the programme and share your plans for next year with us.   We want to promote and celebrate as many projects as we can across all corners of Medway.

We understand not everything will be fully funded or confirmed yet but if there is something you intend to make happen next year, fill out the programme form here and let us know.  

If you have an idea you want to discuss or are looking for collaborators, email us at hello@creativemedway.co.uk.

We have so much to be proud about in Medway.  Festival 2024 is an opportunity to make sure as many people as possible can get involved in creative activity in Medway as participants, makers and audiences.  We hope you will join us!

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